books has an excellent guide written by Christian Jarrett on how to read more books.

To read more books, you need to make it a higher priority, which means changing your daily habits and routines to accommodate more reading.

It describes the importance of reading as

And although TV and video games of course offer escapism, there’s nothing quite like devouring the pages of a beautiful novel, sitting quietly in one place while letting words transport you to another. Screens show you what’s happening; novels, by contrast, construct those fictions within your mind, allowing you to become anyone, and go anywhere.

Don’t be afraid to toss books you don’t like

.. start more books, quit most of them, read the great ones twice.

Besides what the guide covers, here are my 2 cents:

  • WHAT TO READ? Solve the discovery problem by keeping a running list of books you want to read. You may keep a custom to-read list or use Goodreads bookmarking, I just use an Amazon wishlist exclusively for books, since I can find almost any book on Amazon (reviews and pricing are a bonus), although I don’t necessarily buy all books from the list or from Amazon for that matter.
  • HOW TO READ? Read whenever you can, wherever you can and if you don't mind reading eBooks, on the “nearest” device you’ve (phone, computer, tablet, kindle). Don’t wait for the perfect book reading experience. Actually you won't feel the need to if you're reading a really compelling book, hence try to read books that intrigue -not just interest- you.
  • HOW TO READ FOR FREE? If you’re in US, the local public library system is amazing. Libby is an excellent app that lets you borrow ebooks conveniently from your local library FOR FREE.
  • HOW TO RETAIN? Don’t worry too much about how to recall the contents of the book you’re reading (for instance, too many highlights are as good as no highlights). Best way to reinforce the learning is writing down the takeaways in your own words once you've finished a chapter or even the entire book provided you do it soon after. For the really nerdy, there are note-taking systems like Zettelkasten that you can explore.


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