Wouldn’t it be nice if a feature just worked?

GoPro recently introduced a neat feature where you can transfer your GoPro media, directly and automatically, to GoPro cloud without needing a cable, a phone or a laptop.

Start here with GoPro’s official documentation: GoPro Support: Auto Upload Your Footage To The Cloud.

However, this feature is still quite finicky and often requires troubleshooting. Took me a while to get it working. Sharing my learnings below, try one or more of these to troubleshoot if you get stuck.

  • Use only and only GoPro’s included cable, and a wall charger. Any other cable might not work. Charging via Laptop won’t work either as the supplied current might be low.

Connect your camera to a wall charger with an output of 5V 2A (5V 1A minimum).

  • Auto-upload only starts after GoPro is at least 70% charged.

The upload will start automatically if the battery is at least 70% charged. If not, the upload will start as soon as the battery is charged to 70%. After this first-time setup, your camera won’t need to connect to the app to start Auto Upload.

  • Make sure GoPro is in wireless internet range. You can choose the wireless frequency in the settings, 5 Ghz or 2.4 Ghz, default is 5Ghz which has lesser range but works well for most use-cases.

When it works, it’s a really great feature. Once you set up Auto Upload, you do not need to connect your camera to GoPro Quik, nor do you need to keep your mobile device within range of the camera.