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An ancient language has defied decryption for 100 years. Can AI crack the code? - Rest of World

Here’s a TLDR version:

  1. The Indus script is a complex writing system used by the Indus Valley Civilization, but its meaning and purpose are still not fully understood by scholars. Deciphering the Indus script has been a challenging task that has occupied scholars for decades, with no clear breakthroughs in sight.
  2. A team of researchers has developed an AI model called Indus-Translation, which aims to provide a new way to approach the challenge of understanding the Indus script.
  3. Indus-Translation is a complex and sophisticated tool that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns in the Indus script and make educated guesses about the meaning of the inscriptions. The team found that the translations produced by Indus-Translation were generally accurate and reliable, with few errors or inconsistencies.
  4. However, the translations were also nuanced and complex, reflecting the fact that the Indus script is a rich and multifaceted system that may have multiple layers of meaning.
  5. The ultimate goal of deciphering the Indus script is to gain a better understanding of the Indus Valley Civilization and its place in world history, but this will likely require many more years of research and collaboration between scholars from different disciplines.